Saturday, 22 October 2016

Children from Polish School in a Garden

27 children with their parents visited Ngataringa Organic Garden (NOG) on Sunday the 16th of October.
They came from all around Auckland and have been fascinated with all their adventures during a tour. What an unbelievable story; this small chick that Graham – the manager of the garden- holds in his hand comes from the egg he hold in the other hand. Children could also hold a tiny chicken in their hands.
Another attraction was tasting of nettle tea. Touching nettle is painful, but tea is almost tasteless.  

What is the sweetest plant on earth? There was lot of responses, but only one was right – It is stevia.
Children took home dried lives of stevia.

Visit was finished with a hand’s massage, one of techniques from CMC (Children Massaging Children) programme
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