Thursday, 29 December 2016

Update from Warsaw

A group of 5 year old students at Kindergarten number 45 after practicing for a year a Back Massage technique, have just started to practice Hands Massage . Do they enjoy it?  Let the pictures tell the story.

Some comments:
Massage is not difficult
It was very nice
Hands massage is nice and pleasurable
I massaged Ignacy’s hands. It was good. I think that I massaged well
Its very nice to massage hands
I like it

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

; Out of Poland

3 years ago my friend Jenny Harrison –(in picture with me) started to write a book based on letters that had been hidden in a leather suitcase for decades. I was involved with the translation of these letters. The book is titled "Out of Poland: When the best revenge is to have survived – A Holocaust Story" has been published . What does have it in common with my CMC programme?
Even though I was born in Poland after the war, the tragic history of the country was still very vivid and influenced my life.  The only logical solution for me to solve the problem was leaving the country and making something for a better life for generations to come. It sounds pathetic, but it was,  and still is like this. New place was New Zealand and extraordinary people helping with this journey was the management of Mt. Albert YMCA. Next step is to be ‘A Peace Project” with as well as English and Polish ,will have a few more language versions of the CMC songs .I believe it will not take a lot of time.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

– A Special Anniversary

20 years ago, Auckland City Council and YMCA Mt Albert made an agreement of mutual cooperation.
I had emigrated  to new Zealand at exactly this time and was lucky finding YMCA as a friendly premises for my sports massage clinic so that we could send people from St Lukes mall, where they received chair massages from my team, to a proper massage place.  
In those days Jill Gibson and Arvid Ditchburn were a young team running the YMCA. They were very friendly and supportive, so when I suggest that I can teach children during school holiday a massage they agreed. One year later my Children Massaging Children program was born!
20 years later- they are still young and YMCA run by Jill has many achievements including excellent dance and art classes. . Arvid is now at head office.  When we met at the event it felt like a big family reunion.