Monday, 17 August 2015

New Fundraising idea


 When I started my study at the College of Natural Medicine, I never thought it would lead to the development of a new 
fundraising project.
 Being involved with Ngataringa Community Garden,I had accessto a range of magnificent organic herbs. Cherished with heart by volunteers, these herbs grow there tremendously. There is a long tradition at NCG to dry herbs and later use them in
the kitchen for shared lunches, but the surplus herbs can be used for Fudraising as well. 
At the Polish House fair last Sunday it was an excellent opportunity for launching  a new Herbal Fundraising idea. It was a very good beginning to the new initiative .

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Letters from Students

Coming back from Poland, I didn’t expect such a marvelous thing. I knew that after their visit to Ngataringa Community Gardens, some student from Bayswater Primary wrote letters, but there were more than hundred of them -  with pictures, some even with handmade envelopes . This deeply touched my heart. I carefully held and read each of the letters, feeling that my work has made an impact to these children’s understanding of nature and their role in it. Such feedback can only motivate you to do more.
Thank you students from Bayswater Primary !

Friday, 7 August 2015

CMC demonstration

A small suburb near Warsaw, situated  in a nice pine forest is a special place for me. Here in Marki lives my family. Today I had a special opportunity to demonstrate the CMC at the local kindergarten.
It was very special because my granddaughter was my assistant.  The kindie in Jutrzenki street is opened even though it is during the summer holidays. Because of hot weather we practiced the back massage technique indoors, and after that, the children went outside to play in the shadow of old pine trees.