Monday, 26 June 2017

CMC in Woodlands Primary in Opotiki

Melissa Watkins, from Whakatane, was a graduate from the last course in Auckland, has returned home and immediately organized a Children Massaging Children programme at the Woodlands School in Opotiki. She said “it was a fun day and managed to keep it to under 1hour”. Melissa is a professional massage therapist as well as a mother and did a perfect job. Kids liked the lesson and shared feedback with their partner about what they especially enjoyed. All students received a Diploma for little people, and hopefully brought massage techniques home to share with members of the family as an “almost professional”

Monday, 19 June 2017

Children Massaging Children (CMC) in Polish House in Auckland

Now it will be only one more week, and students from the Polish Sunday School in Auckland  will make from infused viola oil, excellent salve for hand massage. This time we will focus more on technique so I will teach children a little bit more of reflexology. With such educated professionals no doubt their mum’s will be happy to receive a hand  massage from their offspring.
Connecting herbs with touch education program seems to be excellent marriage.