Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Anna back to University

Our Intern from Sweden Anna is back at university . She gave a presentation about her practice in NZ. There was a lot of interest about our country. Lots of questions and lots of stories making NZ closer to Sweden as our social problems in certain areas are similar. We wish Anna success in her studies and a good use of skills end experiences she received in New Zealand

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Children are less and less familiar with touch

It has been 15 years since CMC programme was born. Everything was made possible and went smoothly because I have my sports massage clinic at YMCA Mt Albert. Holiday programme created for us great circumstances to master and improve the idea of familiarising children with positive touch through massage. On 30th of September, after few years long break I run a CMC session again at Mt Albert.
Sad conclusion came out of this experience. Children are less and less familiar with touch. The biggest problem kids had during this session? Simple head stroking. One of student even innocently asked “Is it legal” ?

We – massage professionals and teachers need to act fast and stop the process of alienation and loss of empathy in society.