Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Voices of Sacred Earth Festival

For the 5th time CMC has been present at the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival in Kawaipurapura http://kawaipurapura.co.nz/voices-of-sacred-earth-festival/ .
There were dozens of workshops, lectures and concerts happening simultaneously during weekend at KPP. The group of participants who chose my presentation in “Prema” room  on Sunday enjoyed Children Massaging Children very much.  After attending this “ One Hour Massage Course”  all of them graduated with  “Special Massage Diploma for Little People”

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Visit of Teachers from Sustainable Schools

A Group of teachers from North Shore Enviro-Schools visited NOG community garden on the 21 of March. They were introduced to different hands on activities including sheet mulching technique and the art of hands massage from CMC program using beeswax ointment.
Thinking holistically is caring for nature in a similar way as for caring for people, for school friends, for family members and for society. All elements of nature, plants, bees, butterflies , nettle tea, natural bees wax and hands massage are all interconnected.
Students will have the opportunity to also practice these activities during the school year.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

For the Love of Bees

This website http://fortheloveofbees.co.nz has been created by passionate young educated people, whose aim is to make bees feel good and welcome in Auckland. The collaboration includes everybody - individuals, small and big businesses, writers, community and all of society.  They bring life energy with colours and flowers to support bees in Auckland.  Bees are the main pollinators  of fruits and vegetables on our tables, but for the last decade due to the use of chemicals and monocultures, their numbers have dramatically declined.
With this project we have the opportunity to learn how to make our city a safe place for bees.