Saturday, 29 June 2013

First Press Release

The idea of introducing touch into the education system as a valid modality alongside academic topics is a beautiful idea that has been spreading around the globe since the mid nineties, but still needs more media attention.

This is our first press release, published yesterday,  about Children Massaging Children (CMC)  in order to further this idea. 

 You can view it at

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

CMC in Nelson

Yvonne Harvey from Nelson graduated from the “CMC for Professionals course” in  January 2013  
She introduced the Children Massaging Children programme into Room 3, Hira School, Nelson this term, where the teacher encourages and understands the benefits of holistic development for children.
These children were aged 6-8years and some of the advantages they learned were relaxation, empathy and compassion towards each other. They look forward to this successful programme each week.
A great time was had by all.
The children are now implementing their massage skills on their parents and siblings.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Early Childhood Council Conference - 2013

On the 24th to 26th. of May 2013, Eva presented a workshop on the topic of Attachment and Massage in Education.  It was very well received, and it was very interesting to listen to Michael Follett, who was an excellent keynote speaker from overseas on the topic of "From Research into Action"  Rachel Hunter from Australia gave a lot of interesting information regarding early childhood reforms.

Visitor from Canada

 Colleen MacDougall from Natural Health Practitioners of Canada was visiting Health Charter of NZ on Saturday 18th May,

We was very fortunate to have Colleen MacDougall, (third on left) Executive Director and Registrar of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada making a brief visit to New Zealand this week and providing an opportunity for Natural Health Practitoners to come along and hear her speak.
NHP of Canada held their Annual National Conference last weekend, which we understand was hugely successful.
It was very uplifting to listen how Natural Health Practitioners of Canada’s experience real appreciation from t Canadians establishments working alongside with conventional practitioners