Friday, 29 May 2015

Update from Learning Zone

It was almost 3 months ago since we created this special plot for educational purposes .Now look at this picture  Apart from 3 square foot gardening plots with vegetables the rest are herbs. We have 38 different herbs here with description of health benefits on white displays. When students from local schools visit us, they can try lemon balm  to smell and taste. We always welcome young visitors!

Monday, 11 May 2015


Contribution of Peer Massages  into EU Rethinking Education discussion.
Teachers complain about  bureaucracy flooding schools. Now, days are taken up with, reports, tests, evaluations.  Students are stressed before each test, they are not happy waking up in the morning to go to school again. Sir Ken Robinson’s TED speech –“How Schools Kill Creativity” has been watched by 33 million viewers.

Rethinking Education, an EU document points out that the first thing that education should do is to “Delivering the right skills for employment”. So what are these Right Skills for Employment?

I've been asking this question to my fellow friend President of NZ Europe Business Council Frank Olsson (in picture). His answer was clear; people skills, empathy, friendship, love. These human traits are desired qualities for longer term success and usefulness. All these is covered in his book
"Learning to Dance Corporate Style - how to humanise business and get more out of life"