Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Global Movement

Pro Touch Society has become a global movement.

Sometimes good ideas are waiting for ages in the form of a seed in the minds of people around the globe, and one single action triggers a spark that connects all these minds, creating a fast growing worldwide movement. 

We can all witness anti-touch campaigns. Youtube shows us examples of children and students being punished for the simple act of empathy with touch. How much we can see these and remain silent.?
Gill Tree sparked a movement with her Manifesto

Keep an eye on our blog, there will be plenty of good news to come.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Pro Touch Society

What are the consequences if, on a international scale, institutions continue to advise against touch?
With the media impressing on us almost daily the negative effects of inappropriate touch we ar failing to recognise the negative effects of not touching.

 On UK National Massage Day, Friday 16th May 2014,  hundreds of Massage Therapists formed a  conga line from St Thomas' Hospital to The Houses of Parliament to bring awareness that touch is not something to be feared, not a luxury, but a necessary part of preventative health care.

Child Connection Trust is a part of the Pro -Touch Society movement
initiated by Jill Tree.