Sunday, 29 March 2015

What a day!

It was pouring with rain in the morning  and nobody expected any guests to our Garden. But, what  a nice surprise. We had a group of children who already had some gardening experience. It’s a big pleasure to share experiences with other professionals!  David demonstrated sowing small seeds so that the children could practice their skills – Not easy, but getting better. Like with babies – you need to be  focused  and act very gently- real nursery.
The next part of the visit was a Medicinal Weed tour. One of these weeds was  nettle.  Gathered in a way that made nettle a base for very healthy tea full of minerals.
Was there any accidents with stinging? Of course –there was one made  deliberately and immediately cured with aloe compress. Not a drama knowing that nettle stings are very good for your health.
The last part of the visit was hand’s massage with beeswax wax- a little bit of reflexology.
What a variety!
 After Eco Festival we will be happy to welcome children to visit us in the future.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ngataringa Community Garden Learning Zone update

Please have a look at the latest news  from Ngataringa Community Garden. By using a good organic compost, all plants grow happy and healthy here. In the square foot gardening area, almost all small plots are taken by vegetable, to  name a few ; lettuce, spinach, kale etc.  Now turn to the herbs area. This is just a beginning of the project. In the centre there is Echinacea, unquestionably the  Queen of the immune system. In one corner we have inherited Lemon Balm, and in another, we planted lavender. They are two  herbs that  support our nervous system. There is also a Rosemary, Marjoram and St John’s Wort  in our small garden.
During our “Medicinal Weeds “tour during Eco Festival, we served nettle infusion, which was very popular, so we intend to propagate more nettle in the future.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Eco Festival Openng Day 2015

last Saturday was the opening day for Eco Festival, a wonderful event at Eskdale reserve.  During the month there will be 90+ different events at to participate in.  On Saturday, Child Connection shared a space with the nice ladies from Laughter Yoga – a perfect mach.    The weather was marvelous, and thousands of visitors attended the event.  I was very busy too. A family version of  Children Massaging Children - Children Massaging Parents – worked excellently.

During the Eco Festival, I will ran “Medicinal Weed” tours in the Ngataringa  Community Garden on Sundays.   Each session will finish with a Hands Massage CMC technique, with nice smelling natural wax.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Educational Project

At the Ngataringa Community Garden  on Monday 3rd March,. we made a foundation for an educational project
We always welcome visitors from the local schools and kindergartens, and answer lots of questions which has motivated us to make a proper educational plot that visitors, especially children, can enjoy and learn.
The aim is to familiarise children with plants, vegetables and herbs, giving them experience of not only watching them, but to also touch and smell.  We will also teach children how to use herbs for their own health.
In the picture, Jacob, Cornelius, Eva and Eion are next to the square foot gardening plots.On our blog we will keep you updated with progress, and would be happy to share this design with the wider community.