Saturday, 28 February 2015

Eco festival 2015 Kawaipurapura

It is difficult to imagine, but already a year has gone by since our presentation at the last Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival at the Kawaipurapura retreat. Saturday’s weather was superb, and this magic place again made an unforgettable impression on us, serving us perfectly.
Some of our students that participated in the workshop last year were there , so it was very nice to meet them again.  We also had some new students, and the youngest massage therapist was just 2.5 years old who performed with confidence on the back of his brother (center of picture).  With such talented “new forces” we can confidently look to the future.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Sacred Earth Festival

The Year has gone, and we are again at KPP this year with Children Massaging Children

 We invite all family members –( not only children) to enjoy hands massage with beautifully smelling lavender ointment, and learn how to massage the palms to help the heart to be healthy according to the basic rules of reflexology. There will be 2 more techniques as well. I am sure everybody will enjoy it there is no age limit – Welcome all.
The presentations will be Saturday the 28th at 4 pm in Bedouin Tent  

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Visit to Ngataringa Community Garden

Recently we had a very nice visit to the Ngataringa Community Garden  by the toddlers from the local Devonport kindergarten. After entering the gate they were now inside the magic garden.

Surrounded by colourful flowers, they chased butterflies.   We have lots of Monarch butterflies at Ngataringa, and the kids clapped their hands as they watched them.

Later, Graham showed them our silky chickens. They are all white, and some of the braver kids even touched them!
We very much like such visits, and welcome all young visitors to our Community Garden.