Thursday, 6 November 2014

Catch up in Bethells Beach Retreat

On Wednesday, Gus Simunovich organised a beautiful gathering at the Retreat in Henga – Betles Beach Rd. The room was full of parents with their kids – the majority of toddler’s age. All were excited and happy.

Gus and Siri Embla told us how their daughter Liv Nola is doing the best back massage for them – Together with her parents she was involved with our CMC course in Kawaipurapura last year. Live Nola is almost 17 months old now.  It was very nice to catch up again with a couple who are CMC instructors.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Greenhithe Kindergarten

 Our instructor Brenda Duncan brought CMC to Greenhithe Kindergarten in October " We had a great time learning how to teach children to massage children.
Our first session we had a few kids that weren't keen but they watched everybody else. By the next session we had all the kids involved.
The kids really enjoyed it and and also learn't new vocabulary eg reflexology, thymus and one child remembered  those words but didn't participate in the first session.
It was very successful".

Well done  Brenda !