Sunday, 11 December 2016

– A Special Anniversary

20 years ago, Auckland City Council and YMCA Mt Albert made an agreement of mutual cooperation.
I had emigrated  to new Zealand at exactly this time and was lucky finding YMCA as a friendly premises for my sports massage clinic so that we could send people from St Lukes mall, where they received chair massages from my team, to a proper massage place.  
In those days Jill Gibson and Arvid Ditchburn were a young team running the YMCA. They were very friendly and supportive, so when I suggest that I can teach children during school holiday a massage they agreed. One year later my Children Massaging Children program was born!
20 years later- they are still young and YMCA run by Jill has many achievements including excellent dance and art classes. . Arvid is now at head office.  When we met at the event it felt like a big family reunion.


  1. Was so great to see you again. I will have to send the pic to you :)