Monday, 8 June 2015

Visit from Bayswater Primary School

Last Friday and Monday we had 120 students visit us from  from Bayswater Primary School.

At NCG we had only experienced small groups before at the  Medicinal Weeds tour during Eco Festival in March, so such a  big group of students was a challenge. The advantage of the visit was that Bayswater is an Enviro school, so this visit could be an exchange between  “professionals” - and it was. It was very uplifting to have feedback from and interaction with students. 
Our program was full of activities:  sniffing lemon balm, watching chickens, we told about Yacon- special plant, there was a quiz concerning a bee balm . The students tried our famous nettle tea, and experienced hands massage with bee balm cream. At the finish they received a gift –with the sweetest plant on the earth – Stevia. Not only from students and teachers  I also had very good feedback from the volunteers running NCG , so I feel like this experience can be a foundation for our  future friendship and cooperation with the Bayswater Primary .

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