Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Toddlers Day Out

On Saturday March 1st, we went to Toddlers Day Out.   It was the eleventh time that they have arranged the day. Violence Free Waitakere creates free, fun family focused events and projects to promote effective alternatives to violence, while at the same time promoting resilience targeted at communities where they can make the greatest change. This day was for all kids under 5 years and their families.

McDonald’s Farm was a place to be with animals. When the children touched the animals, you could see that there was so much love in their eyes, and so much happiness. It gave them pride and boldness to have touched and petted an animal.  

Maybe it was the first time for some of the children that they have touched an animal. Isn’t it a wonderful picture, they say so much as to how touch can spread so much joy.

Touch is equally important between children, and the Child Connection Trust promotes touch as the ideal way to provide secure attachment, bonding, simple anti-violence method, and many other benefits for children.

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