Friday, 27 December 2013

Touch Pro International Coalition

Touch is the first of the five primary senses to develop, and is essential for the development and maintenance of health, mental stability and  well being.

However,  for far too long public discourse about touch has been marginalized and maligned. With an increasing awareness of the critical importance of positive touch by academic research, now is the time to bring the subject of physical human connection out of the shadows and build a foundation that will shift cultural attitudes.  Touch cannot be any longer the ignored sense and a subject of sensation seeking media. Touch is our - mammals – human heritage. It needs to be acknowledged and respected. The price for diminishing its value is paid by the entire society and  the most affected are children.

 We at Child Connection Trust  look seriously  into the topic of touch in education. From next year we will launch a Global Bullying Prevention  Educational Campaign targeting the  “No Touching”  at schools policy because we believe it is dangerous. We at Child Connection are very satisfied to be part of Touch Pro International Coalition.

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