Friday, 7 September 2012

AGM, De Paul House, Anti Violence

Well,  it's been a long time since we have been blogging.
Not that nothing has been happening, in fact quite the opposite.

Firstly, we would like to share a glimpse of our A.G.M.
The 12th. Child Connection A.G.M. was held in the same place as the last two, namely the Copthorne Hotel on the Auckland City waterfront.

This time we enjoyed as a special guests, Jill Morgan and Gina Howell .    Jill, a researcher, has continued her study on Children Massaging Children - massage in schools programme.

A.G.M. Copthorne Hotel

De Paul House presentation.
De Paul House offers support to solo mothers with children who have gone through difficulties in life.  Eva presented a session to show mothers the importance of bonding through secure attachment, and followed up with a practical demonstration to show how  touch by using  massage is a way of achieving this.   For some of the mothers and children, it was a new experience, and will require them to practice in order to benefit from these new skills.

De Paul House. Eva demonstrating

Family Violence Prevention, North Shore
Child Connection Trust has been involved with the  Family Violence Prevention North Shore  project for  a number of years.
Eva gave the Group background and details of the programmes delivered by the Child Connection Trust.   Child Connection promotes touch and sensory stimulation systems into education settings. They have developed age-specific programmes for early childhood, primary and college settings

The group then had an in-depth discussion about the role schools are having to increasingly play in fostering students emotional and social well-being; how the community sector could play a supportive role, and current concerns for schools around professional boundaries.


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