Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Free Parent Child Workshop at Glenfield Community Centre

It was a very rewarding experience, both for the parents and the children that came along, and for myself.

Some parents were surprised to learn that by developing bonding with their children it will make a positive influence on their academic performance, and to their resistance to drugs when they get older.

The "Massage a Back" technique went very smoothly, all the children enjoyed it, but the real excitement came when they were asked to smell the massage waxes donated by Tui Balmes that were to be used for the "Hands" massage technique. Which one to choose? Both smell so nice. Finally they all agreed with “Pacific Night” fragrance. The room was filled with beautiful fragrance. After the children had received the massage, they started to massage their mums. The last technique – "Head" massage was done in a fully relaxing mood. 

Farida attended classes with her 3 and 6 years old daughters. She is an IT specialist but decided to quit her job and fully devote her time to raise her children – a full time mum. Her children had an idea: Let’s massage our dad when he comes back from work this afternoon!

The 2 hours went very fast. At the end of the workshop mums received a CD with the massage songs, and the children, small sachets of massage waxes and they all promised to use the techniques at home. 

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